Newborn Studio-Posed Portraiture

I offer several types of photography style to capture the newest addition to your family. The first one here is the newborn posed studio style. For these photos, we do them in my studio, which is located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. I have a very minimalistic style, so the focus is on your sweet baby and not super bright colors or distracting props. I feel that this style is timeless and will look like beautiful art on your walls for years to come. I provide everything needed for the session. I have bonnets, hats, headbands, wraps, blankets, wardrobe for parents and baby. These session are much longer than my lifestyle newborn sessions and last about 3 hours. These style of photos are also recommended to be done when baby is 2 weeks and under.  Click HERE to see more of my newborn studio work. 

Taylor newborn edit-2final.jpg

    Package 1 -$550


  • Includes 2-3 hour session

  • Complete styling of the session

  • 10 full resolution -retouched & finely edited files

  • Private online gallery where you can order prints and download your files directly to your computer

  • Print release

              *this session is for baby only

Taylor Newborn edit-22final.jpg

Package 2 - $650


  • 2-4 hour session

  • Complete styling of the session

  • 15 full resolution- retouched & finely edited files

  • Private online gallery where you can order prints and download your files directly to your computer

  • Print release

  • May includes parents & siblings

*additional images may be purchased for each session 

Taylor Newborn edit-17final.jpg

Package 3 - $850

  • 2-4 hour session

  • Complete Styling of the session

  • 30 full resolution - retouched & finely edited files

  • 1- Huge 16x20 heirloom canvas to hang on your wall

  • Print Release

  • Beautiful custom made birth announcement video








I’ve had a lot of clients come to me wanting lifestyle, but done in the studio setting instead of their home, so I started offering these types of session as well. These are helpful if you have a home that doesn’t get great light, or you don’t want to worry about a photo-ready, clean home when you’re exhausted with a newborn. They would be more like lifestyle photos with the fact that they are natural looking “poses” and with a focus on the bonding moments, using my in studio bed and furniture, but with a studio portraiture style to them as well. Clients may use my studio wardrobe for the whole family too so there’s no worrying about what to wear. I’ll help style the whole family! Everything you need is at my studio. There would be none of the baby naked put into the more unnatural poses, like the studio-posed session, but 80% would be with the family holding and loving on them (Whole family, Mom & Baby, Dad & Baby, Sibling and Baby) and then some of course of baby by itself swaddled. The lifestyle studio would be a shorter relaxed session than the regular studio sessions since baby doesn’t have to be asleep for it and is in a nice and cozy swaddle for most of the session.  It would be closer to 1.5 hours.  Comes with your choice of 15 beautifully edited photos. 




The second type of newborn session I offer is called the Lifestyle Newborn session.  This is done in your home and includes the parents, the siblings and whoever else might be around. This session is a more laid back session (no prepping of the baby or hours of trying to pose or get them to sleep) and can be done up to 6 weeks old and is an hour long (though I never rush sessions, so they may go a bit longer if needed). There are no props or backdrops and is completely different style than my studio session. This is using your home, your couch, your bed, etc.. as the backdrop. It’s more of a photojournalistic style of photography. Less posing and looking at the camera and more of family interactions with baby. Baby is mostly swaddled or in diapers (once again no props, big headbands, or hats, it's more natural) and we take photos around your house. For these types of sessions, I use all natural lighting, so it’s best to have a nice airy room with indirect natural light. Lifestyle newborn sessions are the perfect way to capture your new baby in your home in a relaxed way. This is a great way to get images in your new nursery, with pets, siblings, etc. During these sessions, we will capture your family in a way that you can look back on and remember how you really were. Siblings do great in this situation as well, allowing us to capture authentic moments. No extensice posing (either of the baby or family) is done in-home, just gentle and relaxed direction, which allows for natural connection and interaction to occur. All family members are included. This session comes with a minimum of 35+ edited images.  Click HERE to see more of my lifestyle work.  *travel fee for outside of the South Bay area

Fresh 48

hospital photos


And lastly I offer the in-hospital session within 48 hours of your baby's birth. Out of all the sessions I do, these are the ones the parents tell me they cherish the most. In a photojournalistic style (again no props, but all natural), I capture those first bonding moments with your new baby, sometimes the siblings meeting  their new baby brother or sister for the first time. This is a more relaxed and stress free session. No home to tidy up, no driving with new baby to a studio or long hours in a studio, no prepping of any kind or trying to get a sleepy baby... and usually done within one hour! This is such a special gift to give yourself and your baby to look back at and remember those first few days with your new family that slip by so fast. This session comes with all the culled and edited photos. Click HERE to see more of my Fresh 48 work.  I also offer short films of these sessions as an ad-on $99.  *travel fee applies to hospitals outside of the South Bay




These sessions are about capturing those first precious milestones in your baby's first year of life. Holding their head up for tummy time, grabbing their toes, sitting up son their own.  These session don't necessarily have to be exactly at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, but whenever you want to capture these milestones in your baby's life. Each baby is different and hits milestones at a different time, so don't worry if we take their 6 month session closer to 8 months when they are first learning to sit. I provide wardrobe and props and everything you need for these minimalistic and timeless photos.  These photos are for baby only.  Please inquire for family packages. Comes with your choice of 15 edited images.  *additional images may be purchased




These sessions are done at the beautiful locations in the South Bay I’ve scouted out and come with 35+ finely edited images with a private online gallery where you can download the hi-resolution files or buy archival quality prints and canvases.  This is for immediate family only. Please contact me for pricing for extended family. I have a collection of maternity dresses and wardrobe that my clients may use for their session free of charge as well. Click HERE to see more of my maternity work . Please inquire for pricing for studio maternity.


family portraits


These sessions are done at the location of your choice (I have several beautiful locations I’ve scouted out to choose from) and come with 35+ edited images with a private online gallery where you can download the hi-resolution files or buy archival quality prints and canvases.  This is for immediate family only. Please contact me for pricing for extended family. Click HERE to see my family work.